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A new digital partner: Ringier Africa launches Ringier Digital Marketing (RDM)

A new digital partner: Ringier Africa launches Ringier Digital Marketing (RDM)

Backed by 180 years of media experience, the Swiss family-owned mother company Ringier owns various consumer-facing market-leading online platforms in Africa like the news platform in Nigeria, the deals platform and sports platform in Ghana, the deals platform in Kenya, classifieds platform in Tanzania and the classifieds platforms and in Senegal.

RDM benefits from the experiences gained on the way to the top: «Through our local and international expertise, Ringier Africa developed a sustainable KPI and reporting model, which optimizes the performance of online marketing campaigns constantly and made our platforms market leaders. Now we want to help our customers to achieve the same.», says Robin Lingg, CEO Ringier Asia & Africa.

Services of RDM include website and app design and development, with post-live support services and SEO, ensuring new sites get the best possible start on the major search engines. Digital account managers additionally run the clients social and professional network channels, tasked with posting scheduled, targeted content daily, as they continue to do for example for its client supermarket giant Game Discount World Nigeria: «We continue to value our partnership with Ringier Digital Marketing and admire their timely responsiveness to our business concerns», says Sylvester John, the company’s West Africa Executive.

To round the service off, RDM provides digital training, the production of newsletters and tailored videos and the organization and coverage of events and other online engagements.
Many of these services are being received by Brown Forman and its well-known brands Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort, the Nigerian mattress giant Mouka Foam, the Nigerian internet provider Main One and many more.

With 360-degree digital marketing services firmly in place, RDM already has an impressive number of clients after having just started the business by the beginning of 2015.

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